Hilleberg builds and backcountry shelters. That’s all we do, and from our first tent in 1973, we have been driven by a single, simple point of reference: define the capabilities of the tent or shelter we envision, then build it with the most advantageous balance of six essential principles for its desired performance. We believe this method of design and construction yields the highest performing backcountry shelter solutions available.

To outline a tent’s capabilities, we use our Label categories: Black Label models are all season, all condition tents ideal for any user; Red Label tents are all season models that favor light weight over absolute strength; tents in the Yellow Label group prioritize the lightest weight, and are geared for warmer climates and for use in snow-free times and in more protected conditions; and Blue Label models are individually task specific. Our performance “principles” – the six attributes we consider critical to superior performance – are reliability, adaptability, ease of use, durability, and comfort, all integrated into the optimal synthesis for the intended performance range, at an appropriately low weight.

Thus, Black Label models offer the highest level of these qualities. Since lighter weight is given higher priority in the Red and especially in the Yellow Label performance blends, there is some sacrifice of reliability, adaptability, ease of use and so on in these groups.

To ensure that we can build the tents we envision, and do so at the level of quality we demand, we own and operate our own, ISO-9001: 2014 certified, manufacturing facility in Rapla, Estonia.
We also work with a few, carefully selected Estonian factories, where sewers trained by us work
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Hilleberg The Tentmaker – Since 1971
How we make our tents: Hilleberg’s factory in Estonia