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Harmoinen might sound like somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and it probably doesn't help to say that it lies between Padasjoki and Kuhmoinen. Do not let the small village distract you, as it is the headquarters of amazing design and artesan smith work.

Roselli is known for beautiful knives, axes and sharp tools. The wood work is amazing, yes - but the steel is forged with so much talent and love, that the user experience is just amazing.

The art of resisting consumption. If you want to join an increasing community of believers in consuming less and buying better, a Roselli will be for you.

Roselli has never been interested in competing, in compromising or in showing off. It's not theuir thing. Instead, Roselli keeps making every single knife as if it was to be used by themselves. By hand, with amazing materials, using old-school blacksmith techniques, in one local workshop. Great gear is meant to be used for a long time. And the sign of a truly weathered outdoorsman is not the shiny new, but rather the patinated mark of trusted classics.

Prestige is not how you consume. It’s how you select.

As in many success stories, the production started when mr. Heimo Roselli needed to make some tools for his own needs... and can you guess what happened next?


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