Fido Pro

Fido Pros mission is to provide high-quality protective and rescue gear for outdoorsy dog lovers to be safe on the trails with their canine best friends. They are dedicated to serve dog lovers with highly functional and easy-to-use products that are made in the USA by their small team.

Fido Pro have crated a harness, leashes and other useful products. But their most known product is the Airlift. Created by a dog lover for dog lovers, the Airlift was designed only after Fido Pros founder, Paul Hoskinson, and his dog, Remi, experienced their own scary, close call in the backcountry in Colorado. The Airlift is a lightweight packable harness to carry your dog to safety in an emergency situation.

The love and devotion provided to them by their dogs is what motivates and inspires the team at Fido Pro.