KWARK was founded in ’95. The name comes from “kwark” (eng. quark) – an elementary particle in physics. It is so small and unpredictable that it is not certified that it exists. The company was just like that back then. KWARKs first goal was to make good quality products and original patterns.

A line of professional sport underwear was added to KWARKs collection in ’97. They succeeded to dress, among others, the German National Representation in Canoeing and in the Kanu Polo. In ’99 gold-winning Polish National Representation in Rowing appeared in the outfits made by KWARK on the World Competitions.

KWARK has stayed faithful to their ideals and values. Although it looked irrational, KWARK insisted to produce the items in Poland. They struggled for the best, not the cheapest raw materials, they produced the best, not the bestselling products. KWARK is still a small company which produces unusual and unique things.

KWARKs success lies also in the very precise selection of materials. In most of their products Kwark uses the best fabrics from a rich range of Polartec® materials. Products are tested carefully and every detail is checked.