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On founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2010, it is known worldwide as a manufacturer of revolutionary and extremely high-quality running shoes and sportswear. The brand's slogan "running on clouds" reflects their philosophy in product development. On's goal has been to bring extremely light and high-performance running shoes to the market. 

They invest in new technologies in their product development, and they are not afraid to deviate from the mainstream. The brand's shoes have their own clear design language, which makes them easily recognizable. The products are designed in Switzerland and a large team of scientists, technicians and top athletes are involved in product development.

Responsibility is one of the cornerstones of On's product development. On's goal is to develop new technologies with as little carbon footprint as possible. Responsible thinking boils down to three values, which are the use of alternative materials, recyclable products and a sustainable production process. On's products are suitable for everyone from beginner runners to the world's toughest professional athletes.


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