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Leatt specializes in manufacturing premium sportswear and gear tailored for both mountain biking (MTB) and motocross since 2001. With an unwavering commitment, Leatt has carved out a prominent niche in the industry by producing top-tier equipment designed to elevate the safety and performance of riders in these high-intensity sports.

Their product line showcases a diverse array of MTB and motocross gear, encompassing everything from high-performance helmets engineered for maximum protection to body armor that offers a shield against impacts. Additionally, their collection features knee and elbow braces engineered to provide protection and support, and gloves crafted to ensure superior grip and control.

For those who navigate challenging trails or push the boundaries of motocross tracks, Leatt's exceptional MTB and motocross sportswear and gear offer an exceptional fusion of quality, safety, and performance. Riders can confidently pursue their passion, knowing that Leatt's products provide the ultimate blend of protection and comfort.


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