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Established in 1973, Arena has been seen on pool decks around the world for over 30 years. A brand dedicated to athletic achievement and product excellence, Arena’s history is filled with world-class athletes and breakthrough technologies. This commitment stands today as Arena continues to set new records and new industry standards.

Powerskin Xtreme brings the technology of racing suits into the next century and becomes the fastest and most advanced swimsuit ever built. The revolutionary fabric and innovative “Arena Balancing System” of construction enables the Xtreme to perfectly fit the ergonomic characteristics and the bio-mechanics of a human body in movement. You have to feel it to believe it!

Powerskin technology was originally designed with winning in mind. Powerskin fits like a second skin with less friction in the water. It is also the lightest weight swimsuit fabric on the market at 125 grams per square meter, significantly less than all other brands’ high end products, plus it absorbs less water. A compressed (non restricting) fit reduces muscle vibration to minimize energy loss and 100% stretch-ability allows for improved flexibility and freedom of movement around joints. When properly cared for, Powerskin has shown good durability for many races throughout the year.

Arena also leads the industry in goggle and equipment innovation. With a wide range of specialized goggles, unique silicone swim caps and results-driven training equipment such as hand paddles, kick boards, etc., Arena has brought quality design linked to tangible benefits to the swimmer.

Arena continues to support the sports of swimming and water polo through its proud association with 20 National Swimming Federations around the world as well as internationally renowned organizations and world class events such as the United States Master’s Swimming, the National Club Swimming Association, Collegiate Water Polo, American Water Polo, the European Swimming League, the FINA World Swimming Cup, and much more.

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