Ops-Core is a brand of an American company Gentex. Ops-Core provides total headborne system solutions for elite defense, law enforcement and security forces. An expert team of designers and engineers work closely with end users to create products to meet their needs.

The Integrated Modular Design and Open Architecture of Ops-Core helmet systems means they can be configured for any situation, delivering maximum flexibility and forward compatibility, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with both Ops-Core and third-party components.

The AMP Communication Headset and optional NFMI earplugs provide advanced, scalable hearing protection and increased situational awareness. The modular design allows easy configuration to meet a wide range of needs. Ops-Core situational awareness products are proudly assembled in Gentex’s US factories.

In environments with respiratory hazards like oil, lead, asbestos, or ammo residue, respiratory protection is essential. The unique, streamlined design of the Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator (SOTR) protects the wearer without interference to functionality and equipment.

With over 50 years of experience innovating and manufacturing optics technology, Ops-Core creates products from performance protective eyewear to ballistic visors that offer enhanced visual acuity and protection to support any needs and optimizing and maintaining operational performance for elite defense, law enforcement and security forces.


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