The Norwegian brand Ulvang was founded in 1995 when they launched their first product, a wool sock. The sock was a success and it inspired Ulvang to explore other categories where this unique natural fiber would perform at its best. 

At the time, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts usually opted for synthetic or cotton garments. However, Ulvang knew that wool was a superior material, functional in use, and kind to the environment. Ulvang are, as they should be, proud to be one of the pioneers in wool outdoor clothing, contributing to the sustainability journey from synthetics to wool in the sports and outdoor industry. 

Ulvang is working hard to create good products with a long lifespan, so they can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. It's important for Ulvang that the animals they depend on have a good life. Therefore they work exclusively with farmers that take animal welfare seriously. Ulvang stands for functional, durable and responsibly produced wool clothing for all seasons and all adventures.


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