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Aclima AS has played a leading part in the Norwegian textile industry since 1922. The experience and knowledge we have gained through generations is an invaluable advantage in our continuous effort to keep people warm and dry. We know the needs that emanate from our climate and do our outmost to fulfill these needs. Underwear from Aclima has always been recognized with high quality in Norway. The combinations of the know-how inherent in Aclima AS make our products supreme today.

We are now focusing on sports-underwear. With our new collection we want to show the world what to expect of modern underwear; That it’s possible to produce elegant sports-underwear that is warm and soft and at the same time "breathes" and does not let odour remain in the fabric.

Aclima delivers functional underwear to several armed forces in different NATO countries, and we also market our Aclima underwear through high class sports stores in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

The employees at Aclima are determined to keep, and to develop our knowledge in close relation to our production facilities. We are one of the very few in the clothing industry still producing in Norway. Located one and a half hours’ drive from Oslo; next to the famous Norefjell ski resort.


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