Video: How to care for your hiking boots

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Even good boots need good care. Maintenance increases functionality and lengthens boot's age.

This is how it goes:
- Remove shoe laces and insoles.
- Rinse off most of the dirt and then do the actual wash with a brush and boot soap.
- For hygienic reasons, wash also the interiors of the boots. The interiors of Gore-Tex boots can be washed with warm water and mild liquid soap. Rinse generously.
- Let the boots dry slowly - never in the sun or on a radiator since the wet leather "burns" very easily, and after drying it would get hard and crack.
- You can fill the boots with paper or wooden last.
- When the boot is dry, spray Meindl Wet Proof on it. The proofer helps the leather to repell water without dicreasing breathability.
- Wax with Meindl SportWax. To stay soft and water repellant, the leather needs nutrients. Mild waxes are the best conditioners. Don't use heavy greases etc.
N.B. To keep the surface of the nubuck leather better, you can use Meindl Nubuck Conditioner spray that includes both proofer and wax. However, it doesn't give the shoe the protection it needs in a long-term or hard use and in varying weather conditions.

All the Meindl boots are delivered with complete care instructions. Read and follow them, since a boot that has been well cared for is long-lasting and functional.

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