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Endura MT500 Helmet


Endura MT500 Helmet
Endura MT500 Helmet
Endura MT500 Helmet
Endura MT500 Helmet
Endura MT500 Helmet
Endura MT500 Helmet

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Descrizione del prodotto
The MT500 Helmet redefines the standard for a modern mountain bike helmet, in looks, safety and performance.

Endura's award-winning, flagship MTB Helmet uses Koroyd technology to provide the ultimate protection for trail and enduro riders. The helmet is packed with features, including an adjustable peak, anti-bacterial padding, eyewear dock as well as a clip-on accessory mount for a headlight or helmet-cam. Thanks to its design and functionality the MT500 Helmet won a prestigious Design & Innovation Award from Enduro Magazine.

Integrated into the core design of the MT500 Cycle Helmet, Koroyd's engineered tubes absorb energy in a more linear fashion than traditional mountain bike helmets. In the event of impact, the Koroyd tubes crush homogenously, absorbing g-force created by the rider’s momentum and lowering the chance of injury.

The MT500 is the first bike helmet on the market to meet the Koroyd Safety Initiative (KSI) which sets voluntary lower limits to outperform standard helmet safety requirements. The KSI limits for maximum deceleration and HIC significantly reduce the correlated risk of severe head injuries in real life accidents. As a result of Endura's pro-active approach to Helmet safety standards, earlier this year the MT500 Helmet was awarded a prestigious Design & Innovation Award from Enduro Magazine.

An MTB helmet that’s been designed with airflow in mind, the large vents maintain a linear flow of air to maximise breathability and comfort.

  • High performance Enduro style mountain bike helmet with wide adjustment visor
  • Full integrated Koroyd® core for superior energy absorption
  • Clip on accessory mount, accessory clip and light mount included
  • Large vents including top “air intake” zone and large diameter Koroyd tubes for increased airflow
  • Meets the Koroyd Safety Initiative (KSI), significantly reducing risk of skull fracture beyond required helmet standards
  • Front eyewear dock and goggle compatibile including rear strap clip
  • One-hand micro-adjustment fit system
  • Antibacterial, fast wicking spacer fabric padding
  • Covered by Endura’s Crash Replacement Policy and Endura Product Guarantee
  • Certified to CE standard EN1078:2012 + A1:2012 and the first helmet to meet the Koroyd Safety Initiative

La dimensione approssimativa dell'imballo o le dimensioni della confezione del prodotto sono 420 x 250 x 200 mm.



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Casco di alta qualità, ben aderente e ventilato per gli hobby della MTB. Inoltre il supporto gopro, dove puoi mettere la luce oltre alla fotocamera, per esempio.
Petri P. acquirente confermato, 17.2.2021
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Ad esempio, una buona staffa gopro per una lampada
Soprannome Gigi 19.7.2020
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Ce l'hai in giallo, taglia ML
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Endura MT500 Helmet - Redefining safety standards for MTB helmets
Endura Cycle Helmets and the Koroyd Helmet Safety Initiative