Tactical Foodpack

Tactical Foodpack was founded in Estonia in 2016 and is known for its comprehensive selection of nutritious and easy-to-prepare camping meals. In its product development, Tactical Foodpack works together with military special forces, so that the food meets the needs of even harsh conditions. The products take into account the users' high energy needs and nutrient intake, as well as the ease of food preparation. 

Tactical Foodpack's product repertoire includes a wide variety of nutritious and long-lasting foods, the preparation process of which is really simple. All you need to prepare food is hot water, after which the food can just be made ready. In some circumstances, heating the water is not possible, which is why the food of Tactical Foodpack can also be prepared in cold water. In its product development, Tactical Foodpack invests in the quality of raw materials, so that the food is tasty in addition to high energy density. The food is dried before putting it in the package, so that the shelf life of the food is as long as possible.

Tactical Foodpack's delicious and nutritious Camping Foods are perfect for e.g. for the needs of mountain climbers, hikers and military forces.


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