Fjellpulken's products exceed the strict Norwegian Safety Regulation Codes and are repeatedly proven "Best in test" - including the most recent comprehensive test.

For more than 50 years Fjellpulken have been a supplier of outdoor joy to people all over the world. From families with small children to pioneers with extreme needs to challenge themselves and explore deserted areas. Through the years Fjellpulken has sold over 100 000 children pulks and tens of thousands of our touring and expedition models. This is a proof of the quality of Fjellpulken products.

Fjellpulken has always prioritized safety and quality at the highest level when developing and producing our products. This is an unbreakable rule and counts for all Fjellpulken products – from children’s pulk which is to ensure the safety of small children outdoors in the winter time to expedition pulks which is to be the trusted touring companion through the wilderness. The rest of Fjellpulken portfolio as harnesses and shaft, together with backpacks and bags has the same strong demands when it comes to quality and solidity

Fjellpulken has managed to do this at the same time as they have had focus on giving theirproducts sporty, nice and functional design, which amongst others has been acknowledged through two DOGA prices for design.

Fjellpulken will continue to develop and expand their product range with great products to ensure that you will have even better adventures in the future.

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