All the lights on!

Immersioni in subacquea, Sport acquatici by Nina P., 18.11.2017
Night diving is fun, and the location of our beloved country (Finland) offers a perfect environment for it - we have enough darkness in many months of the year.

Night diving, or darkwater diving, might sound a bit creepy. If you go and try it with more experienced darkwater divers at first (or go to our fun and useful PADI Night Diver course!), you'll realise that when you have confidence to choose a good destination depending on the circumstances, you'll take the right equipment with you, know how to use it, and organise safe environment for night diving, starting from the over water conditions. When you master all the things mentioned above, nightdiving is amazing and exiting activity.

A group of divers ready to explore the lake of Iso-Melkutti after the sunset.

My passion for nightdiving started when I was just a novice diver, at my first trip to Red Sea. It was fascinating to see how the daytime animals went sleeping and all kinds of night creatures appeared. Some phlegmatic animals I saw in the daytime got energy and started looking for food - which was pretty dramatic from time to time. After my first nightdive, I have never said no to another.

In the seas of the world, changes in animal behavior can be seen clearly, thanks to the species richness first of all.
The same things happen here in Finland, too: Depending on the time of year, you can see prawns coming out off their hideouts in the sea, and crayfish taking a night walk in the lakes. Fish that have preyed in the depths of the sea in the daytime, withdraw to calm bays to spend their nights - night time is usually the best time to see smelts and great sand eels, for example.

Divers getting ready for a dive. Lights enlighten the water nicely, the color of which is very typical of the northern Gull of Finland.

I won't write about the cold water diving equipment in this post, it is a whole different story. Or, many stories. Let's concentrate only on lights and other special gear. Even though lights are important during the dive, overwater equipment is not a usual topic when talking about the diving equipment. But we do spend 80 % of the dive trips over water.

It is nice to plan the dark water diving trip in a way that you arrive to the destination already during daylight to make preparations. If you do several dives, over-water time will be spent when it's dark, but at least all the preparations has been made during daylight.

High-quality, splashproof and powerful surface lights play a great role in everything in nightdiving. Here are some recommendations:

Fenix HM65R Superraptor 2, 1500 lm
Sport‪»Attività all'aperto‪»Illuminazione‪»Lampade frontali‪»
Fenix HM65R Superraptor 2, 1500 lm
Prezzo campagna 87,11 €
Lumonite Compass V7 1250lm
Sport‪»Attività all'aperto‪»Illuminazione‪»Lampade frontali‪»
Lumonite Compass V7 1250lm
Prezzo campagna 122,86 €
Disponibile in magazzino
Petzl Actik Core 600lm
Sport‪»Attività all'aperto‪»Illuminazione‪»Lampade frontali‪»
Petzl Actik Core 600lm
Prezzo campagna 56,06 €
Fenix HM61R V2.0 Multi-functional Headlamp 1600 lm
Sport‪»Attività all'aperto‪»Illuminazione‪»Lampade frontali‪»
Fenix HM61R V2.0 Multi-functional Headlamp 1600 lm
Prezzo campagna 79,93 €

As a diving novice, I thought that lights are expensive and "I don't need anything special, I'm not a professional diver". My diving career in Finland started with the world's smallest light, and it is not bad at all as a backup light of a backup light or in clear waters.

I can tell you that my first wreck dives in the Baltic Sea were remarkably darker and scarier than my visits in the same destinations with a proper light.

Summa summarum: get a proper light right away and you get so much more out of this hobby. In the darkness, a light is as essential as a mask.

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