Care instructions for Gore-Tex and other membrane textiles

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Gore-Tex and other membrane/shell materials in clothing are designed to withstand even harsh conditions and keep us outdoor people dry and comfortable outside. In order for your membrane clothing to remain efficient for a long time, it is good to know how to take proper care of it.
Here are some general care instructions for Gore-Tex and other similar membrane materials.

Washing Gore-Tex

Wash your clothes regularly to remove dirt, sweat, grease and salt from its surface, which can prevent the breathability of the membrane.
Always use a detergent intended for technical clothing that does not block the pores of the membrane. Avoid regular detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches (and basic supermarket detergents containing bleach).

Before putting your piece in the washing machine, close the zippers and velcro straps so that they do not damage the garment itself or damage any other products while spinning in the machine. Please note that you should not fill the machine to its limits - especially with saturating substances, the recommendation is usually (...and always please check the precise directions from the side of the detergentcontainer) that the machine washes and processes a maximum of a couple of items of clothing at a time.
> Always follow the washing instructions for the garment, and also take into account the instructions for use of the detergent.

Drying Gore-Tex

Dry the clothes in the machine at a low temperature or hang them outside to dry. Many modern washing machines nowadays have their own washing and drying program for outdoor products. Avoid too high temperatures, as they can damage the membrane layer or other tapes/glues that have been used on your garment.
> Always check the garment's washing and drying instructions, as they may vary depending on the manufacturer and the membrane used.

What else:
If you notice that the water is no longer beading off the surface of the garment, you may need to re-treat the membrane with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) -coating. This can be done with special sprays or detergents. Always check the compatibility of the care product with your own membrane clothing and follow the instructions exactly.

Treat your clothes properly:
Avoid strong rubbing and tearing to avoid damaging the membrane or seams. Many outdoor clothes have reinforced areas that are most likely to be exposed to hard wear and tear. If you are just getting yourself a new piece of clothing, you should take this into account when choosing: if you intend to carry regularly a rucksack, it is good to make sure that the area under the laces is reinforced, etc.
> Be careful of sharp objects in your pockets and be careful when you roam around in rocky/bushy areas , etc., so that you don't get punches or tears in your membrane clothing.

If, despite all precautions, your clothes get a hole/cut, etc., proceed as follows:
1) Clean the garment
Before repairing, make sure the garment is clean and dry. Remove dirt and debris that may be around the hole.

2) Buy a repair kit
You can buy special repair supplies for membrane clothing, such as Gore-Tex repair tape / patch material or similar repair supplies.

3) Cut and fit the repair accessory
Cut a piece of repair material slightly larger than the hole. Fit it over the hole and make sure it covers it completely.

4) Heat and press
Most repairs require heat activation. In general, you can use an iron on low heat or a heat plate designed for the purpose. Read the repair kit's instructions regarding heat and time. Carefully press the repair accessory over the hole so that it adheres to the membrane.

5) Allow to cool
Allow the repaired area to cool and dry thoroughly before wearing the garment again.

6) If necessary, add saturation
If the repair does not work completely and the garment is no longer completely waterproof, you can also consider a product that improves waterproofness, such as a DWR protective spray.

Examples of membrane materials in our selection to which these instructions can be applied.
Please note that  you'll find many more manufacturer's own membranes in our selection that are very similar to these:

• Gore-Tex: Gore-Tex is a well-known and widely used membrane material known for its waterproofness and breathability. It is often used in hiking, climbing and outdoor clothing.

• eVent: eVent is another high-quality membrane material designed to provide good waterproofing and breathability. It is also found in outdoor clothing and footwear.

• Patagonia H2No: Patagonia's H2No technology is their membrane material that provides waterproofing and breathability in outdoor clothing.

• Polartec NeoShell: Polartec NeoShell is known for its breathability and waterproofness. It is often used in hiking, climbing and outdoor clothing.

• Arc'teryx Gore-Tex Pro: Arc'teryx uses the Gore-Tex Pro membrane especially in performance-demanding outdoor clothing.

• Outdoor Research Ascentshell: Outdoor Research's Ascentshell is designed to provide waterproofing and breathability in climbing and mountain wear.

• Rab eVent: Rab uses an eVent membrane in its outdoor clothing, which is known for its good performance.

• Black Diamond BD.dry: Black Diamond's BD.dry is a membrane material found in their climbing clothing that provides protection from rain and snow.

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