Care instructions for down

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Down is an overpowering natural material.
In order for your down product to serve you as long as possible, it must also be treated with the same sensitivity and warmth as it takes care of you even in the harshest conditions.

Down must be allowed to breathe properly: air the down products regularly, and store them as airy as possible - avoid keeping the down bag packed tightly, e.g. in a compression bag, and let your down jackets rest in an airy place during the summer.

Handling the down product by ruffling and offering a gentle beating regularly ensures that the down remains airy and fluffy.

Other considerations for use:
Down prospers in shady places. Therefore, do not leave your valuable product in direct sunlight, as it can dry out and damage the natural softness of the down.

Mindful use reduces the number of need of water washes: during use, the down product can be protected as much as it feels necessary: a sleeping bag sheet/-liner provides excellent protection in a sleeping bag, and when using down clothing, it is advised to use a thin (e.g. merino wool) layer of clothing between the skin and the down product.
If you use your down product in wet weather, it's a good idea to protect the product from direct moisture so that the down does not get wet during use.

Gentle washing: If, despite all care, your down product gets dirty, it can (and should, if it is dirty) be gently washed:
Follow the washing instructions provided with the product carefully and use the delicate wash program. Make sure that the product fits in the drum of the machine freely and without problems. Soak the product thoroughly before washing. Use a mild detergent (preferably one specifically for down!) and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.
> Never twist or squeeze the down, but let it dry in peace.
Also check the product's washing instructions: the manufacturer may recommend a long spin for the product - so follow the instructions if this is advised.

The superior properties of down can be experienced when it remains fluffy, dry and clean. Down is, as already stated at the beginning, a valuable natural product that will take care of you as long as you also commit to taking care of the material properly.

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