Most interesting products for spring 2023

by / Toimisto-Jorma, 3.5.2023

As the winter season changes to spring, it's time to move the past winter's snow adventures to the archive of memories and focus on planning new outdoor adventures of the new season.

Spring is traditionally exciting times for an outdoor enthusiast with all its exciting new treats.

We have selected below the most interesting novelties and new brands worth checking out:

1) New from Fjällräven

1.1) Hydratic One of the the most important novelties at Fjällräven are the products using Hydratic -technology. Hydratic is a method developed by Fjällräven, which is utilized in three different ways: as a loose lining inside the garment, as a film laminated with the shell fabric (2-layer version) and as a coating whose protection is fused together with the shell fabric (2.5-layer version). Whichever system is used, the Hydratic grips are waterproof and release moisture from the inside of the garment.

1.2) New colors and color combinations will be seen this spring with interesting but suitably down-to-earth palettes.

1.3) Special collections will be published for the spring season - more information about these as products and collections arrive


2) Outstanding style of over a century of experience
Karhu, founded in 1916, manufactures stylish leisure sneakers and clothes. Karhu uses the know-how acquired from the development of running shoes in its leisure sneakers as well. Thanks to this, Karhu sneakers offer advanced walking comfort in addition to their stylish appearance.

3) Klättermusen is back in our selections bigger than ever

Klättermusen was founded closer to 50 years ago by a community of hard core climbers in Åre to develop and manufacture superior gear for demanding conditions. Today this equipment may be used in the most demanding conditions as well as elegantly downtown, why not.

At least they make some damn cool stuff:

4) NEW: Bach
Founded in Ireland in 1979, Bach is a manufacturer of backpacks originally intended for hiking and active use. Bach's product design has three great basic values ​​at the heart of it: clean and simple design, excellent fit and unbeliavable craftsmanship.

Today, Bach has expanded its product repertoire, and in addition to top-quality backpacks, the selection also includes excellent accommodation solutions for hikers, such as tents.

5) NEW: Bushcraft Spain
Bushcraft Spain manufactures various camping equipment with 30 years of experience. The key idea is to give everyone the most out of their nature adventures. All products are tested so that they meet the highest standards set by the brand. They make you feel the quality.

6) Best money can buy. For real.

This is the newest new and greatest great in our selection:
Traser is a Swiss watch manufacturer that in 1989 produced the world's first self-illuminating watch. Traser develops extremely durable watches from quality materials for both official- and leisure time use.

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And also, never forget: