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Mika Juhani H. 8.9.2020
Overall rating
The best you can get with money !!!
Jesse V. 4.2.2020
Overall rating
Every penny lamp! Really high quality and good finish. Allround edc Fikkari Photographer perfect for himself-> Throws comfortably, the hotspot spreads in a nice proportion as the distance increases, but gives a diffused light appropriately close. Power ranges really work. Battery life really good. -12 ° C in the cold for 2 hours outdoors, lamp with 1lm power-> LAMP NOT FLASHING! If you are looking for more throwing lamps, then Warrior x pro!
Jesse V. 21.1.2020
Overall rating
This is how hands are experiences. Without any strange praise, a really long awaited Allround edc Fikkari! The TIR lens really works: it scatters light comfortably to the surrounding area, but the main focus is on the hotspot, which brings the dimension up to 300m. The hotspot and the diffused light spread in a really nice ratio as the distance increases, without being able to call it a light emitter. Battery life incredibly good. The design is really functional, handy and practical. Charging functional and practical. 5/5 lamp. Really thought out details and filed based on user feedback. Operation of the system clear, FAST! and functional! Add a comment later on cold resistance, ect, as long as I get to test.