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Anonymous 4.6.2021
Overall rating
One of the pants went to the back of the knees when the little velcro was torn, otherwise they just worked
Morten W. 28.4.2021
Overall rating
The side pockets are quite nice, good space. The pockets on the thighs are also nice, good zipper. The knee pads are not something to shout out loud about. The fabric is good quality. Would not recommend them as Combat pants, but use them for weekdays at the barracks. Not one I would buy again.
Mikko S. 21.3.2021
Overall rating
For the big bitch, the sticker could barely fit on the front 😁 172cm / 85kg grandfather. Total medium regular. Otherwise, the pants are good. For outdoor activities Quite incomparable. Elasticity is found in the buttocks and thighs, so it is well suited for the activity! Minus the exhaustion of ventilation, in the summer can be a little sweaty. The pockets are composed of excitement, but works 👌
Anonymous 17.3.2021
Overall rating
Great product
Takashi S. 4.11.2020
Overall rating
It was a quick and polite packing. I will use it again. Thank you.
Anonymous 11.5.2020
Overall rating
Nickname Olzzu 6.5.2021
Originally, I went to look at Clawgear’s pants because they seemed a few smarter in features than Direct Action’s Vanguard: Putting knee inserts in place is done in Operator Pants with rubber bands. Namely, I was skeptical that Vanguard’s knee flex stickers don’t work very well. However, I ended up buying the Vanguards because they have absolutely outrageously stylish pants with cryen multicamina and fabric and cut better than Operator Pants. Absolutely sick neat pants. Knee brace labels work great in the sense that the inserts are in just the right place. However, stickers have one major downside: They press on the knee flexion when squatting. Nonetheless, I would by no means switch to other pants: Vanguard is the coolest tactical pants, or pants at all, that I’ve put on my feet. So if you’re thinking of different options, again, it’s wise to go on site first to try, rather than ordering a home based solely on pictures. I also received good service at Varuste.Net / Authority.