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Kai-Bertil V. 16.6.2022
Overall rating
A REALLY GOOD hanger like this, always in the backpack and on a trip this summer! This and Ticket To The Moon Lightest Straps work great together. This combo is perhaps one of the best shopping in a while.
Anonymous 26.4.2022
Overall rating
An insanely light hanger. Convenient packaging. Really small (= light) carbines are included. It is not necessary to buy TTTM's own Lightest straps, but hang them on Whoopie slings, etc.
Jutta R. 19.12.2021
Overall rating
Just right for my needs. Bows small and is light. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and elastic so it doesn't press anywhere. The width makes it easier to get a good position. Compatible with the Bushmen Vagabond mosquito net.
Minna A. 3.8.2021
Overall rating
Lightweight and durable and goes into a small space
Teppo S. 11.5.2020
Overall rating
light and small, easy to open and pack. more for fun, however, than as an actual batch tool. surprisingly deep into the carpet sinks.
Janne V. 17.3.2020
Overall rating
A really light and small space chilling cloth, nothing else to feel like a puppy or anything! Worth the price.
Paavo L. 14.7.2019
Overall rating
Nickname Cyborg89 15.12.2020
Despite its light weight, it is very durable and spacious. It has been the only accommodation on the forest trip for less than a week, where I had a good night's sleep, which means that it is just right for camping. The included sealing rings are also of high quality and save on additional costs. So light that you can take it as a spare accommodation if you want to sleep as a rule. in the tent.