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Anonymous verified buyer, 17.3.2023
Overall rating
Best everyday working boots! Wearing those every day since I've received them (first pair of Lundhags ever) in 37 (foot length 22,5 cm) and they fit perfectly with a liner Merino pair socks and hand knitted wool socks in mild minus degrees to freezing temperatures (below -30c degrees). Feet are always warm! Also did not hurt at all with breaking in. When you are trying them for the first time, they feel a little like a tight ski boot, but pretty soon they marge perfectly with your feet! Waxing them regularly with homemade shoe cream consisting of lanolin/beeswax/oil to keep them neat and the water out. They are so sturdy, yet so comfy! Really high quality shoes, also the best pair of shoes I've ever owned. I like them so much I wear them not only while working, but also in the city, while hiking, also with snowshoes..basically everywhere I. These are exepctional beautiful, unique and slim looking shoes. Those shoes are made for wearing, they only get better the more you wear them! So I would recommend them for people who physically work hard, and not just for occasional hiking. Also, on a side note - the felt boot is only a little hard to remove first few times, but if you really wear those boots on a regular basis, they get looser pretty soon. All in all, those boots are worth every penny!
Jens B. verified buyer, 4.6.2020
Overall rating