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Anonymous 5.4.2022
Overall rating
After first longer wintertrip the pulkka got "thumbs up". We made a couple of modifications on the pulkka where the aisa was attached. so they hopefully will last longer. since the pulkka is 100% plastic we added some metal plates for the aisan kiinnityspiste and for the future we aim to put skis underneath so the bottom of the pulk last some more years. All in all the pulka is a bit slower than a fibre glass (alot of friction). But they do their job.
Jani-Hannu O. 11.3.2022
Overall rating
Everything you need.
Anonymous 18.1.2022
Overall rating
everything is great just the pre-perforation of the ties that are not done..
Anonymous 6.3.2021
Overall rating
cristian c c. 29.10.2021
Overall rating
Works well in winter
Jarno O. 21.8.2020
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Jussi K. 10.5.2019
Overall rating
Act like an idea for a week with a spring hang in the FAQ.
Ossi M. 30.3.2019
Overall rating
Good package, actually the best parts selected do-it-yourself oven
Jenni R. 24.3.2019
Overall rating
Nickname Pasi 16.3.2022
I have a kiln made of plywood. Plastic shoes on the bottom. Aluminum wheels from a metal workshop. Purchased only those traction harnesses. As a model self-modified Jr. 27. I recommend. The wide bow 'swims' well. Many good trips made.
Nickname NapapiirinSusi 14.4.2020
If you are hiking alone, you should replace the handlebars with one climbing rope. The rope just needs to remember to make a flexible loop so as not to nyi starting positions. The rope is much more comfortable because when hiking, the rope will fall several times. There is no need to detach the harness when going to lift. There is no need to shy away from coming to Ahkio's positions, because it will not do that. First of all, the hawk slips worse than you, that’s why it doesn’t come to the heels on gentle slopes. On steep hills, pull the rig from the rope next to you. To do this, it is good to make a small loop in the rope already in the tuning stage. This loop is also useful when the rails run out of deep ditches / depressions. So this has been learned in practice and found to be a workable solution.