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Anne P. 22.1.2022
Overall rating
Lightweight, easy to attach, everything you need included, I don't use a sleeping pad in a hanger, the underlay (Bushmen's Underquilt Glow -12) provides the necessary protection from the cold. A good mosquito net that doesn't hang on your face and gets off if necessary. The hanger correctly passels 158 cm / 56 kg for a woman.
Milos B. 8.12.2021
Overall rating
Anonymous 25.11.2021
Overall rating
Tiia P. 1.9.2021
Overall rating
Many summers in use. Very pleased. Lightweight included carrying, integrated mosquito net handy. Easy to hang.
Risto H. 27.7.2021
Overall rating
Quick and light hammock
Miia K. 19.7.2021
Overall rating
Really light to carry, mosquito net excellent. It was very easy to attach and everything you needed came with it, an excellent choice for even the most inexperienced hunter
Anonymous 24.6.2021
Overall rating
Lightweight and easy to set up. Good mosquito repellent that won't let any bugs get inside.
Aki K. 18.6.2021
Overall rating
A lighter option. It is good to hang and the quality is good.
Tanja K. 18.5.2021
Overall rating
Compared to my previous cheap hammock, this was absolutely great! + Installation was quick and easy. + comfortable material + light + the mosquito net does not hang on the face and can sit inside + the carpet can be turned around so that the net side is down, so it is nice to be in it during the day -only disadvantage is otherwise the lack of instructions
Esa H. 11.5.2021
Overall rating
A nice light hanger, a heavier version went on sale.
Anonymous 3.5.2021
Overall rating
Good and light hanger! As a beginner, I didn’t notice that the hanger had only one layer of fabric, so I didn’t put a mat or other warmer underneath in between. In the "norm" model this can be found. This is not a malfunction but is worth noting when buying.
YUSUKE H. 3.12.2020
Overall rating
Nice Hammoks!
jussi k. 26.9.2020
Overall rating
Very functional and easy to use. Spacious with mosquito nets and wet moths can't get in anywhere. According to the product description, it is not comfortable more than 190-195 cm far (189cm, 100kg itself), moving in a hammock is its own art form. Small pockets at both ends work well for storing goods at night. Very light and easy to pack in your own bag. The seams of the zippers frayed quite quickly, but the new one from the warranty does not have the same problem. Be careful of sharp objects in the trouser pockets to prevent damage to the thin fabric.
Timo L. 28.8.2020
Overall rating
Based on ten nights asleep in the terrain, I can recommend this hammock. Comfortably light and compact. Great product!
Panu P. 13.8.2020
Overall rating
Excellent and light accommodation.
Topi K. 2.7.2020
Overall rating
Easy and quick to tune, I recommend
Kirsi N. 4.6.2020
Overall rating
The whole thing works great. Adjusting the attachment still requires getting used to. DD Hammock mat is fixedly attached to a long string solmuineen as many mats have put directly on the carpet of the hook attached to the tree-hugging caught in the cord. The fastening of the bug net with rubber bands was found in the manufacturer's introductory video.
Lev G. 3.6.2020
Overall rating
Perfect light set, ready to use. Woopie-slings and tree-huggers make setting up fast and easy. Hammock itself spacious , 4 pockets inside. Moskitonet opens on both sides or can be hidden by turnin over - nice touches. I own Hennesy Explorer and tuned up TTM, so far this one I like most.
Teppo S. 11.5.2020
Overall rating
a few nights slept. Works like travel and frontline, but is lighter to carry in a backpack.
Ville M. 23.3.2020
Overall rating
Hugh S. 25.2.2020
Overall rating
Very fast delivery and very god quality product.
Esko S. 15.8.2019
Overall rating
Easy to use and fast to use package.
Teppo R. 25.7.2019
Overall rating
Jouko K. 2.7.2019
Overall rating
Good package! The package includes everything you need! The integrated Insect Net with support sticks crowns a restful night's sleep! I recommend!
Antti M. 6.10.2018
Overall rating
The durability of zippers is the only questionable factor. After all, they don't even have to be torn: D
Jani P. 19.9.2018
Overall rating
Packable in a suitable small size. The mosquito net spreading idea works. Brackets for the hanger come with a splendor thing. Purchased separately pays time by law. (Also buy 3m hugs for spare)
Katri K. 16.8.2018
Overall rating
Easy to attach and excellent anyway.
Henrik L. 16.11.2021
Quite an absolute choice over the normal Frontline model. It also comes with tree huggers, better Whoopie slings with a lanyard that have a value of 35e and that make use much easier. Even in the polyester model, I only put the sleeping pad directly on the top of the pad, making it much easier to set it up. If you are thinking of buying a normifrontl, but would be interested in making an even longer on top of a much smarter buying decision, then this will work. In itself, a cheaper rug tore from a small scratch to a giant hole in an instant, so a nylon ripstop was the next choice.
Nickname Mikko 14.7.2021
Fast and simple to hang, my sleeping bag velcro tore the mosquito net broken so you should pay attention to it ... the carabins went to the exchange immediately, it didn't take 86kg of love when I licked the bag, but fortunately it didn't break but it became unusable. Overall good, spacious enough and light. I recommend.
Nickname SissiSoturi 27.6.2021
What kind of tarpaulin would you recommend for this?
Customer service person Eero L. 1.7.2021
Any DD Hammocks need is a good choice:
Nickname Jpo 19.3.2021
Can this set fit in Savota's medium-sized vertical pocket? Plans to buy from you Jaeger M with side pockets and packing I think
Customer service person Eero L. 7.4.2021
Yes it should fit.