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Nickname AS 2.9.2021
How long are the S / M and M / L sizes for users? Thank you!
Customer service person Eero L. 2.9.2021
S/M 430–490 mm M/L 490–580 mm
Nickname Mikko 1.9.2021
Can the backpack be pressed into the pile enough to fit in hand luggage in terms of height, or is the rigid back structure or some other restriction restricting the pile?
Customer service person Eero L. 2.9.2021
Unfortunately, the backpack does not collapse
Nickname lentolaukku 10.8.2021
Hello! Is that reported size correct? This would be a great thing as it would fit on an airplane. Some of the other sides had larger sizes and would not have fit in the cabin of the plane. Great job if you could make sure of this .. Sounds good, but so you have to fit in the cabin on air travel.
Customer service person Eero L. 16.8.2021
Sorry, we have the wrong size information. The manufacturer states the size of the backpack is 70x23x32 cm
Nickname anjovis 1.11.2018
how to withstand water?
Customer service person Hanna H. 2.11.2018
The fabric is water-repellent, but the seams are not taped, for example. So it can withstand very light rain, but it cannot be said to be waterproof. For heavier or prolonged rains, the use of a rain cover may be recommended.