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Henrik L. 21.8.2022
Overall rating
Juha M. 18.6.2022
Overall rating
The perfect miniature backpack with a drink slot.
Christian K. 24.6.2021
Overall rating
Really good bag for day hiking with space for things for one person. Light and flexible. Tough.
mika k. 14.5.2020
Overall rating
Impression now good for 5 months and dozens of trips. Has been used on enduro trips on the eastern border, on boats, kayaks and as a daypack on hiking trips. The transport capacity is enough for a lightweight felt jacket, sausage package and a large outing EA package for easy access. I also tested frib discs and they go in the 7 lower main pockets. The top pocket is just the size of a disc and can only hold 2 of them when the bottom pocket is first full. The bladder, hoses and beverage part are easily detachable from each other and their plastic fittings are sturdy and appear sturdy. These also have interchangeable O-rings.