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Joanna L. 27.7.2019
Overall rating
I bought the first wet suit in the summer waters of Finland + abroad in the winter. Worked well on a snorkeling trip at a cottage of about + 15C in Finnish seawater. I kept warm, though my fingers and toe felt a little frozen so I missed the socks and gloves. I probably wouldn’t have been able to go into the water at all if I weren’t in a suit. The suit also has some elasticity, I fit an M size although the pants usually size 40-42. Surprisingly, the legs weren’t too long even though I was short, but sanding again gave me a little extra length. The suit was very well put on and taken off. I wouldn’t go to shorten the suit myself when the sanding and leg mouths have silicone rings that block the flow of water inside the suit. As someone else might already be commenting, the suit stinks of plastic so much that I wouldn’t keep it with other clothes, at least right away. The smell vanished somewhat when I hung out for 2 weeks and used in seawater. I would also recommend to others if you are a little cold sensitive!
Anu L. 15.5.2019
Overall rating
Jetro A. 29.1.2019
Overall rating
Really comfortable fit, good quality. The seams are inconspicuous. 5.1.2019
Overall rating 7.6.2018
Overall rating
The first wet suit of my life, I bought that I could run on water at the cottage. Spectacular! I'm quite curvy, size 42-44, can be found tits, pyllyä and thigh, mahduin just perfect for XXL CN (although I doubted), probably smaller size would be gone. Flexes well, doesn't hurt going in any way. Easy to put on and take off, although the zipper could be longer if now something fits the hope. Pretty strong rubbery smell yes, can it be diluted with time? Well the same thing, it works. As for the sea water now, something +14, easily more precisely run for an hour. Thank you for your good and encouraging customer service!
Elina H. 18.12.2017
Overall rating
A good basic wet suit.
Janne K. 19.5.2017
Overall rating
Good warm up to +6 in water and sweat is guaranteed when paddling.
Nickname SV 24.2.2017
A good basic suit for snorkeling and cool summer waters. Sufficiently flexible (even if there is no superstretch) and shaped according to the body, even if not in model dimensions. The zipper moves well, yes it could be a little longer to make it easier to put on. Neatly done. After trying cheaper suits, I recommend investing more in this, the comfort and fit is so much better. You may also want to try a shorter version of the same model if long sleeves and legs are not necessary. The dimensioning is relatively the same, although with thick legs the legs can be compressed.