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Anonymous 30.12.2021
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Gints H. 29.9.2021
Overall rating 16.10.2020
Overall rating
Visible well. Sticks to the side of the car with a magnet, for example, when the car is in place, I would not dare to leave the moving car closed. The charging is basically quite handy with its magnets, but at the same time somehow unreliable.
Virve M. 18.9.2020
Overall rating
Good and versatile product, waterproof. I need an aid to choose lighting options, my dexterity is not enough. I also had to subscribe colored felt-tip pen Power button, so that I can find it in the dark. The plus and minus IDs in the download are so small that I didn’t immediately find them.
Henrik B. 24.11.2019
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Rupert S. 26.11.2018
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Pretty long waiting.
Anonymous 10.10.2018
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Nickname Klemond 16.2.2018
Suck in water when I used it as a net light board indicator light. Monday song? H