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Anonymous 10.3.2022
Overall rating
A backpack that served as a perfect baby care bag. You can certainly find further use in a bag that is the right size for your needs.
Anonymous 4.2.2022
Overall rating
Anonymous 31.12.2021
Overall rating
Very stylish and good everyday backpack. I have used Kånken before and got tired of breaking the zippers. This backpack has a suitably large drawstring pocket in the front, the contents of which can be accessed quite well even when the backpack is on the shoulder. For me, the backpack-shaped main pocket has worked well. This can be crammed so full when needed. The foldsack fabric should be a little more crisp to my taste. The backpack will collapse unnecessarily easily if it has a few strokes. There was a bit of clumsiness with the stylish fastening buckles at first, but I got used to it and practiced with it pretty quickly.
Timo P. 16.7.2021
Overall rating
First class city backpack!
jarkko h. 18.12.2020
Overall rating
Sanna K. 23.3.2020
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Eija S. 18.9.2019
Overall rating
A handy little backpack with a good place for a 13-inch laptop.
Marika M. 23.4.2019
Overall rating
Seems sustainable. The side pockets would be a Plus and as a closing mechanism the puller would be more handy.
Anonymous 21.4.2018
Overall rating
Stylish and durable.
Sanni K. 24.4.2017
Overall rating
Rigid cords require getting used to, the zipper would be a more handy closing mechanism for the backpack, but not so beautiful.
Nickname An 24.3.2021
I’m so happy I chose this! I had used some Kånken backpacks for many years, but I like Foldsack No. 1 more. It looks fantastic and has a great storage capacity. The PC compartment is nicely padded. The outside pocket is a good size, and its zipper is so smooth. Just perfect!
Nickname Tintti 27.2.2019
Great backpack. I thought for a long time between kånken and this backpack, but luckily I ended up here. A zipper would indeed be faster and more handy, but a zipper is usually the first thing that breaks down. A big plus in this backpack is the G-1000 fabric that can be waxed to improve water resistance. Padded straps are also particularly good.