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Anonymous verified buyer, 30.7.2022
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Anonymous verified buyer, 17.9.2021
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The Camelbak type S adapter is excellent and works with the m95 and m98 mask perfectly, it is sturdy and exactly how a CBRN NBC style adapter should be due to excellent construction. I would advise this definitely for use rather than just the bottle cap for the m95 and m98 respirator/gas masks (also the M05 branded by Scott) as the semi rigid flexibility of the adapter plus length allows fir a much more functional environment use case. i.e. it sits well with a tactical setup and then allows greater flexibility of movement than other adapters. With use with a variety of hydration systems mainly army/military but some commercial it works perfectly (Source Source Virtus/Camelbak/UK military and police Mk4 CBRN systems) and allows a setup for greater head movement without popping out of the connector. This is excellent, if you haven't got one, definitely get one i can see why it is in use by military organizations in EU and abroad.
Jukka N. verified buyer, 1.11.2020
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Just the right kind of adapter, nothing more needed!
Daniel S. verified buyer, 19.10.2020
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