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Anonymous 17.3.2021
Overall rating
Pertti R. 21.12.2020
Overall rating
The old lamp works again, but the light output is not comparable to current Led lamps
Pekka P. 20.12.2020
Overall rating
Not much more power.
Martti L. 15.11.2020
Overall rating
The product did not meet any of my expectations MagLite 3C / D Magnum Star II XENON I bought earlier similar and the difference is like night and day was really poor light output unfortunately, but why I don't know, I had a good experience from the store and shipping I recommend but I do not use the MagLite 3C / D Magnum Star II XENON product
Jan M. 31.10.2020
Overall rating
Great upgrades for the classic
Hannu H. 23.1.2019
Overall rating
I installed the crabs of the LED on a 20-year-old 3D lamp, and the end of the tube now comes in bright new-age light.
vesa j. 19.12.2019
Overall rating
Pekka K. 27.6.2019
Overall rating
Highly increases brightness and battery life.
Sakari T. 20.9.2018
Overall rating
Good bulb!
Henri K. 22.8.2018
Overall rating
That's what I've always wanted!
Nickname Petri Silvennoinen 31.8.2019
I have 2 pieces of 2D and 2 pieces of 3D magicians and it is true that when I once upgraded to incandescent bulbs instead of LEDs, the world brightened and the batteries last almost indefinitely. But that xenon is a hoax. And in the name of truth, the airami suomi100 10 euro LED pocket holder illuminates better than the 3D magic LED pocket holder. Someone in that magic light design has gone wrong. And wasn’t it originally designed for the police as a flashlight bulb. As a pampoo, it's probably a good and great design, but it's not really any good Fikkari.
Nickname Kökkis 14.1.2019
Surprisingly good, I came up with this solution when not once was an LED bulb in the range.