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Heikki P. 22.10.2019
Overall rating
Fits on your head better than Vector. It’s pretty light but I guess it won’t last much use.
Ville M. 17.9.2019
Overall rating
I use Vaporia in Sport and träd. This does not improve the helmet! I climbed a few years with a slightly cheaper and heavier helmet. It always swayed a little. It also came out of the head, so sometimes when watching the footrests the helmet hit the wall from the head. I also didn’t like the look terribly either. I switched to vapor because I wanted a helmet that sits in the best way possible and of course is light. The helmet sits low on the head, allowing me to stick to the wall and still watch the footrests. The price is fair, but I would still recommend a helmet buyer to check out the lightest helmet that sits on its own head. If you buy a cheaper helmet, then you will definitely sell it at some point because you want a lighter one.
Kari H. 26.1.2019
Overall rating
The product exceeded my expectations. Light, and airy. I made it a construction helmet, i.e. I put a visor, and hearing protection. The weight of the previous helmet dropped to 250g and is even comfortable to hold on. If buildings are once forced to wear a helmet, then why couldn’t it be light-fitting, and SAFE. 17.1.2019
Overall rating
Nickname Hese 26.4.2019
As a reminder to Kari H and other designers, the standard EN 12492 for this and other similar climbing helmets does not meet the requirements for hard work helmets in any working group.