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Anonymous 9.8.2022
Overall rating
Good bindings have been for all the shoes I tried. Easy to adjust the entire skier with the boot. Played perfectly so far.
Anonymous 8.1.2022
Overall rating
Pretty good bandage, almost any shoe makes you go somehow. It works worth four stars with experience once you have found the shoes, socks, insoles and adjustments that fit the ties. It may be appropriate to saw off the top toppers at your own risk. Locks broke over the years, and one strap. Now, be it the 13th winter, the base plate broke while squatting in the frost. This is perhaps a little more robust on the EA and Pivot models on the slopes, and better for skating as well. On the uphill slopes or in the traditional kicking of cross-country skiing, on the other hand, the movement tracks may be slightly restricted.
Kjell W. 14.1.2021
Overall rating
Juha Ö. 11.4.2020
Overall rating
Quite OK
Juuso J. 15.8.2019
Overall rating
Good ties for versatile use. In order to get the most out of the ties, the shoes should be almost monomically stiff. There is nothing else wrong.
Hannu K. 22.2.2019
Overall rating
Teemu R. 12.12.2018
Overall rating
Huge disappointment. The bandages did not last intact for even one season. The snow packs under the shoe rail and lifts the bandage off the surface of the ski. Also, the shoe sled cannot withstand the Rail due to the hefty fastening mechanism. Side finally betrayed in a rather awkward place. The idea is good in itself, but the implementation is unfinished and clearly untested. Really expensive. I would not recommend to anyone.
Jari S. 11.9.2018
Overall rating
Nickname Jape 11.1.2014
I have been in use for several years and I have been satisfied. Took well. Supportive in use. Great advantage when you visit all the shoes with a bandage. My shoe number 44 and properly padded shoes had been a bit "cramped" but worked nonetheless. Some reforms have probably come to the fore over the years, I guess not in the wrong direction.
Nickname metsästäjä 10.1.2012
Otherwise good, but they are only badly suited for nokia felt lining boots. The toe of the boot does not fit into the narrow cavity of the bandage, and the length adjustment is not enough, even for the no. Even then, you have to put an extra rope to pull the braid part back so that it does not slip off the tip of the boot. Larger boots will need to fetch other bandages.
Nickname Vaeltaja 15.2.2009
The ties are easy to use and work great. I recommend purchasing hiking skis, despite the expensive price. Can be worn with all types of footwear and the footwear does not need to have the "bead" required by the spring ties. It is advisable to attach a rubber heel to the ski so that the plastic bandage does not slip on the slippery top of the ski. Miracle when that piece of rubber does not belong to the relatively expensive thus equipment.