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Anonymous 9.12.2021
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Anonymous 8.7.2021
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Aleksi H. 8.9.2020
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Timo N. 23.7.2019
Overall rating
Quite a good product. I did not check but I believe it is in accordance with the stated dimensions. However, I was surprised at how small it is in practice.
Tomi T. 22.3.2018
Overall rating
With this, I disguised myself in the absence of the mouth of my hideout. Blends well with pine forest-moss terrain. 18.8.2017
Overall rating
Good, but a little small!
Timo P. 23.7.2013
Light and strong net, but the dimensions are closer to 280x220cm unless you stretch quite a bit ...
Nickname Anne 2.6.2008
Also works great in nature photography, light carry around and gives a good "hide".