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Juri M. 10.8.2021
Overall rating
I bought Helium for wingfoil and I love it working well in it. I’m a beginner on the wing, but I’ve windfilled for a few years, so there is experience from other wings as well. The wing flies at very low speeds and glides lightly. The fuse and stabilizer are quite small, so the foil reacts quickly to pressure changes. Today was a typical light "sea breeze" and I really enjoyed driving with the 5.0 wing and Helium. The bag / box in which this is delivered is indeed quite gigantic, but then does not break down very easily during transport. The method of attaching the mast to the board is very comfortable to use. Anyway, the parts screw together to form a streamlined and neat whole. The front wing could sit tighter on the body piece, but when tightened with three screws, it does feel that it stays firmly in place. The included torx key is perhaps mostly of “inadequate” quality, so it’s worth getting a better deal from the store. The Pedestal mount went into warranty replacement from here due to corrosion after a few months. handled the matter without any problems. Apparently a manufacturing defect that has been fixed in newer batches.