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Markku A. 30.8.2022
Overall rating
Nice surface that you can grip well and the magnetic cap works well, so it stays away from your nose when you sip water during your workout. The 1.5L capacity is also good enough for training.
Anonymous 19.8.2022
Overall rating
Lauri L. 12.8.2022
Overall rating
Big enough!
Anonymous 22.6.2022
Overall rating
A fair-sized bottle with a diameter that fits a nip button in an adult's medium-sized hand, but luckily there is a thick plastic carrying loop at the top that allows you to easily hold the bottle with one hand on your lips. The product appears to be sturdy and high quality and is hopefully as impact resistant as Nalgene hard plastic bottles. The water stored in the bottle tastes neutral even in strong heat, ie there are no side effects of plastic or the like. I have not tested the storage of sports drinks, soda, juices, etc. to see if they are too acidic but the water tastes like water. The cap mechanism does not leak with normal force when tightened. When the smaller beverage cap is open, it stays out of the way thanks to a handy magnet, time shows how long the pivot cap mechanism lasts before the plastic hinge dies. Fortunately, spare parts are available. An ordinary dish brush just reaches the bottom of the bottle and the mouth opening without the cap is large enough for it. A longer-handled bottle brush is more convenient for cleaning such a long bottle. Cleaning the cap mechanism is easier but drying is a little more challenging due to the mechanism of the cap, so after rinsing it is advisable to shake off most of the water and then leave it to dry.
Anonymous 28.4.2022
Overall rating 30.3.2022
Overall rating
Anonymous 3.7.2021
Overall rating
Sturdy bottle. Switched to daily use.