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Johan S. 27.7.2022
Overall rating
Super good binding
Kai H. 13.4.2022
Overall rating
Just finished an 8 km ski with these bindings and they worked perfectly. First time using them but very happy so far. I like how easy they come off and on. Makes it simple to cross roads and climb steep hills.
Mia N. 22.3.2022
Overall rating
According to previous reviews, they work in almost all shoes. My number is 38-39. I have now tried them on Nokia rubber boots and hiking boots, but they do not stay behind them, even though the boots have decent grooves behind them🙈.
Anonymous 11.3.2022
Overall rating
The bindings are really easy to use. They are easy to bend without bending over and are also quick to remove. The bindings are easy to adjust for shoes of different sizes.
Anonymous 8.2.2022
Overall rating
At least for their own use, they have worked flawlessly so far. These allow the skis to get on and off the foot smoothly without using your hands. When the bindings are adjusted tight enough, they will stick well when skiing; when worse, the bandage has sometimes given up, while saving the ankle / knee from twisting. These also fit a smaller shoe, I myself skied comfortably with size 36.5 winter boots.
Anonymous 16.1.2022
Overall rating
Easy to take off the boot and it works, but you have to cram a bit when putting on a big special winter boot.
Päivi K. 7.1.2022
Overall rating
A woman's shoe (size 39) needs to be adjusted to a really small, then awkward “stutter” front of the shoe (Sorel) in the hood. Then when you get it in place, it stays in place and the shoe is easy to remove. If you adjust looser, then the bandage will open if the stem rises very high. The bandage was easy to install yourself.
Anonymous 20.12.2021
Overall rating
Really fits big feet. Good bond.
Niina H. 20.8.2021
Overall rating
Presumably fulfills its purpose.
Anonymous 20.4.2021
Overall rating
Excellent bindings for cross-country hiking - effortless to put on the foot and avoid squatting, they do not easily come off even if there is a small angle on the foot, they are durable and of high quality on the basis of one hike.
Elena K. 9.3.2021
Overall rating
Anonymous 26.2.2021
Overall rating
It's all great!
Stefan T. 24.2.2021
Overall rating
A really good binding and easy to get in and out of.
Ville N. 15.2.2021
Overall rating
In itself, ties that just work. It happened to both myself and the boy that when the ties were adjusted to fit at home, they came loose after a short ski trip. At this point it had to be adjusted smaller, and then stayed well on its feet. That is, apparently those sagging when skiing somewhat.
Joonas M. 2.2.2021
Overall rating
Nickname Hanki-Heikki 14.1.2022
The spring that enters the heel of the shoe gets tired after a few hundred kilometers, and the shoe no longer stays in the bandage. Even if the manufacturer developed some kind of loops in the spring part, from which the bandage could be tied, for example, with shoelaces around the ankle. Otherwise a surprisingly well-functioning bandage.
Nickname Anonyymi 28.12.2021
Good ties, but only for size 38 shoes or bigger. This is also stated on the manufacturer's website.