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Anonymous 12.5.2021
Overall rating
Good headphones for calls and audiobooks. I bought it to replace the broken Trekz Airs, and this new model has a better design on my head and also an EQ setting for audiobooks. There are also usability improvements, such as the fact that when changing EQ settings, the headphones tell you which setting was just changed. In the previous model, this was just a guess. The speaker’s voice is also more pleasant, and the bass no longer causes so much vibration. The layout of the volume buttons is worse than before, but in no way terribly hinders use. There are also magnets at the ends of the headphones, which I think are completely useless, now you always have to think a little about where to put the headphones. Some reviews had criticized the uneven weight of the headphones, and that the left ear is strained after prolonged use, but I haven’t noticed one. Able to keep away even though all day long.