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Anonymous 6.9.2022
Overall rating
Chunky pants, comfortable freedom of movement and a high protective waist. Bought for camping and winter loskels. Not the lightest, but they get the job done.
Jaakko L. 31.5.2022
Overall rating
Good quality pants. It’s a little surprising that the woolen zipper isn’t waterproof, even though all the other chains in the pants are. The high waist is really nice in the winter.
Tomi A. 10.3.2022
Overall rating
Trousers for use directly from the shopping package for the FAQ park ski hike. The zippers on the sides allow you to adjust the ventilation really well. The only tiny little minus the funny tightening of the waist, which is a little harder to use.
Anonymous 23.9.2021
Overall rating
Note. I myself have Carinthia PRG 1.0 and not 2.0 even though the receipt says so and as such it was sold to me. Otherwise, the product will work, although the experience is only 1 wet walk. Sweat did not come. The XL size is suitable for the legs and hips, but as a stubborn Finn, the legs are really long. With small shoes, they can easily slip under the heel. The sizing is therefore not as rich in alternatives as it is with Cry.
Anonymous 4.1.2021
Overall rating
Very good products ... I recommend