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Overall rating
I was in two stages with this 13'2 "model. A little bit of preoccupation was that narrowness and length, as my previous board was 10'8" / 30 "in size. not too narrow in the name and thus swinging, of course it requires a bit more experience and getting used to compared to my old board, etc. I have also paddled against the wind and the wave all the time. you could say that the board exudes quality, of course it should be at that price, because it's not cheap.The paddle and the pump are excellent, especially that pump, 20 psi can be pumped quite effortlessly.My loops are usually 5-10 kilometers long on the lake and here the purpose of the board is very functional.
Olli S. 31.8.2021
Overall rating
Comprehensive board package. The board is stable, but faster than the 12'6 version of the same board. Not the lightest or most agile board, but really directional. Excellent bag, a bit heavy paddle.
Jaakko H. 22.7.2021
Overall rating
An excellent, directional board for hiking. Not for children’s play or routes (/ conditions) where the board should turn briskly. I was considering between this and a Voyager 12'6 "(32" wide) and one point was whether this 30 "wide is too swinging for a supper like me. Anyway. 32 "wide and less than 13 ft long. After several rattles, I can say that in the future the board must be no more than 30 "wide and at least 13 ft long, depending on my purpose (excursions). In addition, when I bought the Red Dry Bag 60 Blue and Red Original Deck Bag more carefree.