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Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault



Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Black
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Coyote
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Foliage Green
Foliage Green
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Forest



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Product description
Retaining the aesthetics of the original 3 Day Assault, our latest version, the 2 DAY is a scaled down version for your everyday urban missions. Its signature 3-Zip design provides ready access to the pack's contents.

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 350 x 150 mm.

1.4 kg (with sales package 0.40 kg)

27 Litres

Anonymous 15.1.2022
Overall rating
After almost two weeks of daily use, I am largely satisfied. Positively: + The computer compartment with side access is the best I have tried, without exception. You can easily access a smaller computer from the outside without having to open the main compartment of a fully packed bag. If you have heavy packing, no weight is placed on the zipper, which means that it should last longer. On my previous backpack, it was the zipper to the computer compartment that gave up first. The only downside is that a larger computer can be tricky to get that way. The computer compartment does not reach all the way to the bottom of the bag, which protects the computer and dampens the shock if you put a fully loaded bag a little too heavy on the floor. + The carrying system is better than usual on backpacks of this size. If you are going to carry very heavy packing long distances, you may need to look at better options but otherwise this is more than you need. Given the size of the bag, situations where a better carrying system is needed are not so common. + Extra compartments: Two small compartments at the top, one of which is much larger than I expected. Additional mesh compartment with zipper inside the bag. Definitely better than most other backs in this size. Neutral: The system with three zippers (Y-front) for the main compartment. It is not as flexible if you pack from the top as the "rolltops" I am used to but gives better access if you have the surface to open up the whole bag. Can be a habit so it takes time before I can say for sure if I like it or not. Negative: - The narrow pockets on the inside of the bag at the lower zipper. They are in the way, especially when you do not open the whole bag but pack from the top. I can not see any use for them so I am now thinking about whether I should sew them together or simply get rid of the scissors even though it takes me a while to cut in a new bag. - No reinforcement on the bottom of the bag. I have worn out many backpacks and the bottom is one of the first things that can come with it. - The look: The system with sewn-on straps on the outside to be able to build on the bag with more functions (molle) feels completely unnecessary to me. It just gives the bag a less stylish look. Gives maybe more military associations which for me is not positive. The manufacturer has a bag without this (urban assault) which unfortunately is otherwise a much worse alternative. The computer compartment is located on it so that a fully packed bag puts weight on the zipper and the compression straps for the main compartment are missing. However, UA is a bit cheaper. - The price, this is not a cheap backpack. Overall, this will be my standard backpack for anything that does not require the larger 80-liter backpack in the future. I have previously worn out about one back a year until my last one which lasted for 7-8 years. Unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured and the manufacturer's alternatives do not meet my needs. Mystery ranch 2DA therefore gets the chance. Given the price, I will be disappointed if this does not last for at least 5 years.
Denis B. 7.1.2022
Overall rating
Comfortable backpack to wear, overall quality corresponds to the price. Even with a heavier load, the backpack has no problems squeaking or would be otherwise uncomfortable. The backpack is ideal for EDC. The backpack will be usable for a 2-day hike, but one will have to think about what to take.
mikko v. 22.12.2021
Overall rating
I guess no one else can say how Mystery Ranch is good. Y zipper is 5/5, packing is really tight, shopping trips tetrames are nice.
Anonymous 12.12.2021
Overall rating
Strong, well done, it is perhaps Small. Too high a price for a backpack
Wilhelm J. 4.11.2021
Overall rating
Sturdy build, well though out details and an incredibly comfortable carrying system. Couldn't be happier.
Andrew C. 7.10.2021
Overall rating
I use this for day hikes and overnight camping. Occasionally as EDC though it doesn't have as much organizational aspects as some others that are purpose built for it, but it works. There are a LOT of straps which you might want to "tie or bundle up". You probably need a friend to help when setting up the harness (makes it a lot easier), and don't do it with an empty backpack. Put about 10lbs or more. Otherwise you will find you need to readjust when you put a real load it. Always test real load conditions BEFORE you go off for that hike. There's a lot of talk about various backpacks and how comfortable they all are - I can tell you this, its the long hike that you will realize how good this backpack is.
Umberto P. 22.9.2021
Overall rating
Just bought this backpack and already impressed with the quality and the look. Expensive but you get what you pay, so... Great pack!
Anonymous 12.9.2021
Overall rating
Convenient, practical and sturdy
Anonymous 3.9.2021
Overall rating
Ideal for smaller trips, very robust
Dean O. 19.8.2021
Overall rating
A truly awesome backpack!
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