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Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault



Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Black
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Coyote
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Foliage Green
Foliage Green
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Forest


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Product description
Retaining the aesthetics of the original 3 Day Assault, our latest version, the 2 DAY is a scaled down version for your everyday urban missions. Its signature 3-Zip design provides ready access to the pack's contents.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 350 x 150 mm.

1.4 kg (with sales package 0.40 kg)

27 Liters

Anonymous 8.7.2022
Overall rating
A well designed and executed backpack. It is easy to pack a lot of stuff into the backpack thanks to its zippers. The backpack is expensive, but totally worth the price
Anonymous 21.5.2022
Overall rating
So far proved to be very convenient
Anonymous 21.5.2022
Overall rating
Super bag but hardly stands up when it is not very full. I only have it for the moment to test on the go and in cross-country on a bike and I don't see any disadvantages for the moment. In addition, it washes very easily, with a slightly damp sponge.
Philip T. 18.5.2022
Overall rating
Very comfortable, many small pocket, love the material and whole setup.
Kiel M. 18.5.2022
Overall rating
Sexy and sturdy
FRANCISCO M. 5.4.2022
Overall rating
It is a great backpack, made with good materials and good finishes. the back yoke system adapts well to my height 178cm, and 83kg. But it has a flaw, for me, and that is that it should have a lumbar belt, as if they have other similar mystery ranch models, that's why I didn't give it five stars.
Michael K. 31.3.2022
Overall rating
Disappointed with durability considering it’s marketed as a outdoor / military bag. The stitching in the shoulder padding has come apart and the bottom of the shoulder strap has started to fray. The yoke can be replaced but the strap is stitched in, so I’ll have to find someone who can cut and reattach. This bag has never even been outdoors, I use it for my work and gym bag and it isn’t even a year old.
Aaro L. 26.3.2022
Overall rating
Comfortable and well-adjustable carrying system. The materials and zippers feel high quality. Lots of good pocket solutions. TriZip is great and makes packing a lot easier. Surprisingly spacious. Feels bigger than 27 liters.
Anonymous 25.3.2022
Overall rating
A very well designed and implemented small backpack with the gestures of a bigger backpack. The only downside is that there is no own lead-through to the drink hose but you have to bring it between the zippers.
Anonymous 20.3.2022
Overall rating
Good functionalities in the backpack. I was skeptical about Y-zippers at first, but it has proven to be a very workable solution. The beverage bottle pockets on the side of the backpack are definitely the worst in the backpack. The drink bottle drops out of there really easily because the pocket is not deep enough. The carrying handle is also bad in the backpack, which starts to hurt your fingers when used for a long time if the backpack is heavy.
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