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Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

229,90 + delivery costs
Incl. VAT 24 %


Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Black
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Coyote
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault DPM Camo
DPM Camo
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Foliage Green
Foliage Green
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Forest
Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Wildfire Black
Wildfire Black


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Product description

Retaining the aesthetics of the original 3 Day Assault, our latest version, the 2 DAY is a scaled down version for your everyday urban missions. Its signature 3-Zip design provides ready access to the pack's contents.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 350 x 150 mm.


1,4 kg
(with sales package 0,4 kg)

27 liters

Alfredo S. verified buyer, 6.7.2024
Overall rating
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I wanted to buy it and I took advantage of the offer, it is a very comfortable backpack with enough capacity, it distributes the weight well. In my team we have several and I use it for any occasion, very happy with it.

maarten V. verified buyer, 20.6.2024
Overall rating
First I have to say I did not use the backpack extensively outdoors yet. So this is more like a first impression. + I really like the construction of the backpack. The main compartment is real easy to, sort of, rip open. And can be opened almost completely. + There is a small compartment on top of the backpack which is very handy for quick access, like a phone. + It sits very, very comfortable with the thick padded straps and rigid back. + The zippers have a strip of water/dirt barrier along the zipper. Ofcourse the pack is not waterproof and we'll have to see how it holds up. - Couple of loose hangning straps which flop around (i hate flopping straps). Some plastic 25mm strap clips (waist belt is 38mm) took care of that. Would have been nice if they're with sewn on it already. - Slim (water)bottles in the side pockets tend to fall out easily when put the pack down and picking it up. The side pockets are quite large.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.6.2024
Overall rating
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With a year of experience, the backpack is durable and easy to use. A big minus is the lower fastening of the shoulder straps, which is too stiff and puts pressure on the hips/lower back. Camelbak has an almost similar backpack, which is much more suitable for camping and travel due to the better shoulder straps. I bought this for the laptop pocket and variety, but I recommend you choose something else.
Anonymous verified buyer, 1.4.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Excellent quality. I added Savotta strap keepers rubber bands for tying long thongs, I recommend it.
Artur N. verified buyer, 26.3.2024
Overall rating
Had a lot of bags in my life (All the time walking with my wife and kids - I have to carry all the stuff) lately carried MilTec Assault LG it's all worn out in 1 year. If you compare the sizes, they are similar, but the amount is more - every millimeter of space is used. The quality is good - rain drops stay on the surface like on the surface of a smartphone screen. I do not know what else to add... All already know about the quality of the bag. I admit I fell in love with this bag - as men fall in love with the car :D Time will tell how long it will serve me.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.3.2024
Overall rating
Very comfortable and sturdy bag. Middle zipper makes accessing your items very convenient.
Anonymous verified buyer, 12.3.2024
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A great marching backpack for Nijmegen. Carrier very comfortable!
Anonymous verified buyer, 18.2.2024
Overall rating
I've found the Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault backpack to be an outstanding companion for my varied adventures, striking the perfect balance between rugged durability and user-friendly features. Its versatile storage capacity effortlessly handles my gear for both outdoor excursions and daily commutes, while the ergonomic design ensures comfort even when the pack is fully loaded. The thoughtful inclusion of quick-access pockets and a secure laptop compartment truly sets it apart, making it my go-to choice whenever I leave my house.
Fanny F. verified buyer, 4.1.2024
Overall rating
Great product. As good as I imagined Looks great, feels robust and practical.
Anonymous verified buyer, 18.8.2023
Overall rating
Incredible warranty service from Mystery Ranch and from Varuste . Thanks for your professionalism .
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2 Day Assault Pack | Tactical EDC Backpack | Mystery Ranch

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