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Divesoft Analyzer SOLO

Divesoft Analyzer SOLO

Divesoft Analyzer SOLO
Divesoft Analyzer SOLO
Divesoft Analyzer SOLO
Divesoft Analyzer SOLO
Divesoft Analyzer SOLO
Divesoft Analyzer SOLO

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Product description

Analyzer SOLO is a precise apparatus for measuring oxygen and helium concentrations in scuba diving breathing gasses. It is a necessary tool for technical divers using nitrox and trimix mixtures.

The analyzer SOLO is characterized by its high accuracy and reliability thanks to an innovative solution for measuring helium concentrations. This technology works on the principle of measuring the speed of sound, thanks to which it is never necessary to replace the helium sensor.

Another feature of this Analyzer is its light weight due to durable ABS-PC material which makes the SOLO an ideal travel companion.

The SOLO has also in-built calculator for mixing gases.

The analyzer can identify some other gases and mixtures used for diving. In case of a hypoxic mixture without the presence of another inert gas other than nitrogen, it will warn and recommend to you not to breathe such mixture through the “FOUL AIR” warning. It can also identify argon and in special setting measure its purity.

An USB-C connector makes it easy to program and takes less than 4 hours to fully charge.

Analyzer SOLO comes with following:

#8300 Analyzer SOLO

#3362 USB-C cable

#8306 Simple flow limiter

#3367 Semi-hard zipper case for Analyzer Solo

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 260 x 180 x 80 mm.

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12 month(s)

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Czech Republic

Petri H. verified buyer, 13.3.2022
Overall rating
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Compact sized he / o2 analyzer for individual use and travel. I missed the flow restrictor in the Blender version a bit, when adjusting the flow small enough with this is sometimes a bit tricky.
laurent v. verified buyer, 17.11.2021
Overall rating
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little used for a year, but for every need, the product works very well. It allows you to check the gases just before the dives. I have not yet used the function which allows to create the mixtures. But it seems easy to use. I recommend
Lutz T. verified buyer, 29.10.2021
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Good item on the first impression, but I can only give a new assessment of its function in one year after use.
David M. verified buyer, 14.12.2020
Overall rating
Great piece of kit a must for technical divers great service from
Mikko P. verified buyer, 8.7.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good analyzer. An o-ring will fly from the bottle adapter if the flow is too high. The flow restriction in the adapter could be improved
Anonymous verified buyer, 16.2.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
One of the best analyzers on the market in terms of price-quality ratio. And at least with such a short experience, the accuracy is also good. I would definitely recommend it to all mixed gas messengers and users :)
Mika K. verified buyer, 20.12.2019
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Good analyzer, easy to use and fast. Admittedly, with some valves, it is almost impossible to make the flow small enough. Some kind of flow restrictor makes the job much easier.
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