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Elephant Slacklines Freak Flash Line Set 25m

Elephant Slacklines Freak Flash Line Set 25m



Elephant Slacklines Freak Flash Line Set 25m Neon
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Colour: Neon
Available in stock

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Product description
The model “freak“ is our most versatile slackline set. Universally usable slings and shackles as well as the included long lever ratchet are suitable for all applications. No loss of line-length as compared with the girth hitch set-up! Perfect alignment with every attachment point! During jumps, the flash’line returns the introduced power in a steady, trampoline-like manner and leaves nothing to be desired.

Jumpline, waterline, longline or surfing – you name it, the “freak” can handle it!
  • loop end: protected 1,4mm
  • tensioning system: 50mm long lever ratchet
  • length: 25 meters
  • width: 5 cm
  • material: polyester flat webbing; stretch: 2% at 7kN (~700kg); breaking strength: 45kN (~4.500kg);
  • weight: ca. 5,5kg
  • anchoring system: round slings 2m, shackles 2t, tree'skin 1,5m
  • breaking load: 45kN

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 340 x 80 x 290 mm.

5.5 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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