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Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar
Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar
Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

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Carbon Gray DLC w/ Black Band
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Colour: Carbon Gray DLC w/ Black Band

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fēnix 6 -sarja sisältää uuden sukupolven edistyksellisiä GPS-älykelloja urheiluun ja ulkoiluun. Urheilijoiden ja seikkailijoiden kokemusten pohjalta suunniteltu fēnix 6 auttaa ylittämään rajoja ja asettamaan uusia tavoitteita. Tyylikkäässä ja suorituskykyisessä fēnix 6 -kellosarjassa on useita kellokokoja, erilaisia pintamateriaaleja, uusinta teknologiaa hyödyntäviä ominaisuuksia sekä selkeästi aiempaa parempi akunkesto. Kestävät, teknisillä toiminnoilla varustetut kellot on suunniteltu kaikkiin haasteisiin ja aktiiviseen elämäntapaan. Laitteissa on mm. parannettu sykeanturi, Pulse Ox, navigointianturit, sisäiset lajiprofiilit, uusi virrankulutuksen hallintatoiminto, yksityiskohtaiset suoritustiedot, lähimaksu, älykkäät ilmoitukset. Ulkoilmakäyttöön optimoiduissa kelloissa on terävä ja tarkka näyttö, jonka koko on 1.2 tuumaa fēnix 6S:ssä, 1.3 tuumaa fēnix 6:ssa (18% suurempi kuin aiemmissa fēnix -malleissa) ja 1.4 tuumaa fēnix 6X:ssä (36% suurempi kuin aiemmissa fēnix -malleissa).

Ensimmäisessä aurinkolatauksella varustetussa Garmin GPS-kellossa, fēnix 6X Pro Solar -mallissa, on auringonvalolla latautuva Power Glass™ -kellolasi, joka pidentää akunkestoa aurinkoenergian avulla. Käyttäjän on helppo tarkistaa aurinkoenergian keräystä koskevat tiedot fēnix -kellon näytöltä. fēnix 6X Pro Solar -kellon akku kestää älykellotilassa 21 päivää + 3 lisäpäivää aurinkolatausominaisuuksia hyödynnettäessä.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 100 x 100 x 100 mm.

Activity trackers


Heart rate measuring
Wrist-based measurement


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Garmin Fenix

Sleep monitoring

Adventures, Boating, canoeing, climbing, cycling, downhill skiing, fishing, Golf, hunting, running, skiing, swimming, training & fitness, triathlon

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Anonymous verified buyer, 16.2.2022
Overall rating
I've had the watch for a few weeks now and so far I am very happy with it. The advanced training metrics are really helpful and the big screen allows you to read the maps nicely (of course it is not a phone screen or a GPS handheld) but scrolling through the map can be cumbersome. What I haven't been able to test yet is the solar functionality because it hasn't been sunny at all here but maybe in summer!
Ilkka A. verified buyer, 11.4.2020
Overall rating
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I am looking for a replacement for my loyal Suunto Ambit3 Peak sports watch for long ultra trips. I was afraid big and heavy, but the watch turned out to be smaller and lighter than Suunto. Physically high quality feeling and comfortable on the wrist. The display is clear and the buttons have worked. One of my main criteria was battery life. Well, I really got it. I use the watch mainly only for sports and when the settings are put in place the promised 60h battery life (full GPS accuracy) is met. I can’t comment on the benefits of the solar panel yet, but the sensors at least react to the sun. Admittedly, I don’t expect any major upheavals with this, but sometimes even the slightest slowdown in battery consumption is welcome when you’re on the move for several days. The firmware had to be upgraded right from the start and had to ring around a bit. Fortunately, the new FW at the same time improved GPS accuracy and battery life. This software side seems to be the problem area in almost every manufacture. I don’t use music on my watch so that side is unknown. GPS is accurate enough. Suunto Ambit3 Peak was more accurate and especially in difficult and wooded terrain. Many meters do not throw a trace, but this accumulates during the trip. The GPS signal is found quickly and at least so far has not been interrupted. The maps are OK, but fairly slow. The navigation of the pre-loaded route is successful. Wrist heart rate measurement surprisingly accurate. I did a lot of testing with this on two clocks. Heart rate levels rise and fall with a delay, but show the correct level quite accurately. The movement of the watch on the wrist is a problem, especially with long performances. I use chest straps when closer monitoring is needed. Expensive watch, but convincing when you got the settings you like. Unless you go crazy with Garmin on the software side, it seems like a reliable device. I am happy with my purchase.
Leo P. verified buyer, 31.3.2020
Overall rating
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Very happy with my new watch. Ordered the product to Åland, across the Mons border, and communication with went well.
Niko L. verified buyer, 28.1.2020
Overall rating
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Perfect! There can be no better! I highly recommend to everyone!
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