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Solo Stove Lite

Solo Stove Lite

Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite
Solo Stove Lite

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Product description
Our ultralight stove runs on just a handful of twigs. Save our planet and save money - never buy fuel again!

Twigs for Fuel, Hotter Fires, Less Smoke and Way More Fun!

The Solo Stove Lite is the perfect addition to any backpacker’s bag as a lightweight cooking stove for one to two people; and the best part? No fuel to carry! Your food shouldn’t depend on carrying or finding a place that sells gas when nature provides the perfect tinder and wood all year. Now you can minimize your pack weight and your footprint with this ultra-efficient stove.

The Lite operates on small twigs and sticks, or an alcohol burner, to fuel the fire while the air intake holes on the bottom pull air in towards the fuel source. While air is being pulled in, the double-wall construction allows air to be heated up and fed through the top vents providing an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen, creating a secondary combustion. With this, you’ll get a hotter fire with less smoke!

Product Specs

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
Fuel: Sticks, Twigs, Pine Cones and Other Biomass
Weight: 255 g (9 oz)
Height: 14.5 cm (5.7")
Diameter: 11 cm (4.25")

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 110 x 145 x 110 mm.

0,255 kg
(with sales package 0,3 kg)

1 liter

Marcin R. verified buyer, 8.5.2024
Overall rating
Excelent stove, beats Toaks for giving much less smoke. Easier to clean
Anonymous verified buyer, 8.12.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A good scrap burner Works as promised
Anonymous verified buyer, 25.8.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A very good and safe cooker for use with both wood and sprii bulbs. This should not be used anywhere other than in fireplaces, but the structure and combustion properties of the kettle are such that the combustion is efficient and nothing escapes through the bottom. This is also an excellent option for emergencies and these come in different sizes. A very strong recommendation for the device and also the manufacturer, and of course the store with a great staff.

Henrik E. verified buyer, 4.1.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Functional and stylish little object. It takes a little vigor to make the fire stay good, but this is definitely true when you want to go hiking lightly.
Pietro O. verified buyer, 14.12.2020
Overall rating
Great product great price
Joni L. verified buyer, 4.12.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Highly efficient and low-maintenance shaker. No moving parts. Works well with Solo Stove's own pot 900 or Primus litech. True quality.
Susanne O. verified buyer, 14.5.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
It is absolutely fantastic. Flexible and light and works perfectly. I'm so happy I chose it. And also that Varuste had it so you avoided customs duties!
Tapio H. verified buyer, 23.4.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Super good product! I got tired of whining with a prefabricated rag cooker and bought this. It's not much easier to make a fire! Burns twigs and twigs really efficiently, leaving only a small pile of ash on the bottom of the container that can be easily disposed of discreetly and fireproof. The burner became a second-rate option for me, this is the absolute number one: fast, efficient, silent, warming, atmospheric.
Esa A. verified buyer, 12.3.2020
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Strong flame, worked as it should.
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