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Mactronic Sniper 3.3

Mactronic Sniper 3.3

Mactronic Sniper 3.3
Mactronic Sniper 3.3
Mactronic Sniper 3.3



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Product description
The Sniper series's most powerful flashlight produces a light beam with an intensity of up to 1,000 lumens and a range of up to 205 meters.
Shock and water resistant to IP66, lasts for up to 50 hours without charging.
The lamp can be charged via micro USB port. With the integrated power bank you can charge your smartphone.
The silent on / off switch makes it an indispensable tactical lamp.

Energy source
Rechargeable battery

IP Classification

Max output
1000 lumen

0.38 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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