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GearAid Neo Slix 250 ml

GearAid Neo Slix 250 ml

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Product description
Wetsuit Entry Lubricant

Neo Slix wet suit lubricant helps ensure a fast and stress free entry or exit from neoprene wet or dry suits etc. Specially designed for use by scuba divers, surfers and triathletes where Neo Slix has been proven to reduce transition time by up to 60 percent. Neo Slix also helps prevent uncomfortable skin rashes caused by wet suit abrasion areas. Used on a regular basis, Neo Slix will help retain the suit’s appearance and prolong its life by reducing stress to critical failure points such as seals, zips and pull cords etc. Suitable for use on latex seals, neoprene, silicone and rubber. Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and environmentally safe.

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250 Milliliters

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United Kingdom

Jarmo K. 25.5.2022
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Open-cell wetsuit helps reasonably well. Produces a slippery surface, but it is sometimes difficult to get enough material from the syringe to all the places where it is needed. It does its job, but I don't think it's as easy to use as a water bottle mixed with some suitable conditioner / soap. The life jacket cuffs work really well. Easier to put on and saves mashes from unnecessary tearing.
Anonymous 21.1.2022
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Not tested yet
Anonymous 13.4.2021
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Makes it easier to put on a wetsuit.
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