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Knog Oi Classic Bell

Knog Oi Classic Bell

Knog Oi Classic Bell
Knog Oi Classic Bell
Knog Oi Classic Bell
Knog Oi Classic Bell
Knog Oi Classic Bell

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Knog Oi Classic Bell Black
Knog Oi Classic Bell Brass
Knog Oi Classic Bell Copper
Knog Oi Classic Bell Silver

Small 22,2 mm
Large 31,8 mm


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Product description
Bike bells generally look & sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy & sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel? A bell with a beautiful tone, but also a remarkable style and choice of materials that embodies a rider’s personality.

The Large Oi fits 23.8 to 31.8mm bars e.g. drop bar road bikes and some cruiser / commuters.

Please make sure you know where on your handlebar you are going to place the bell (grips or stem) before you order as you may need a different sized bell.

0.058 kg (The product may have a light retail packaging.)

120 month(s)

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Artturi N. 18.11.2021
Overall rating
Good product. Simple, beautiful and functional.
Kari L. 9.11.2021
Overall rating
Simply good
Tuomas J. 17.9.2021
Shines brightly and is not in the way.
Tomi K. 19.7.2021
Overall rating
The best bell that has come against me so far. It takes up little space on the handlebar and doesn’t ring its own times, even if you drive at a brisk pace. The ringtone is on your back when used and sounds good every time.
Anonymous 1.7.2021
Overall rating
Low-profile bell, almost not visible. Sound level lower than expected, maybe needs some tuning.
Jukka T. 17.2.2021
Sou ja soi
Anonymous 19.12.2020
Overall rating
Stylish watch and easy to install
Juhani J. 16.12.2020
Overall rating
Easy to install and is suitably discreet in the appearance of the bike.
Kari V. 15.12.2020
Overall rating
Good and stylish watch.
Anssi T. 11.8.2020
Overall rating
With the tire pressures of the road bike on Finland's rough roads, the clock was so shaken that it squeaked softly, but annoyingly. After the first loop of the watch, I moved to the second filler. If you got something damping between the rod and the watch mounting ring, even with the rubber adapter that came with it, then you could get rid of the straps, at least not on your own 31.8 mm rod. Two stars in appearance and sound.
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