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Lundhags Skare Expedition Mens

Lundhags Skare Expedition Mens

Lundhags Skare Expedition Mens
Lundhags Skare Expedition Mens
Lundhags Skare Expedition Mens

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Lundhags Skare Expedition Mens Brown

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Product description

Skare Expedition Ms is warm winter boot, designed for the hardcore user with high demands on warmth and function. Skare Expedition is outstanding for winter hiking or ice fishing, where the combination of wool and Aerogel guarantee a warm and dry foot climate. Skare Expedition is made according to the shell principle. The boots has a durable shaft of high quality leather and a lower part in Lundhags well-proven Certech technology, with a cellular rubber bottom that insulates and is waterproof.

Your feet will keep warm and dry in cold, demanding conditions thanks to a removable 5 mm wool felt inner boot with an insulating innersole of Primaloft Aerogel. The outsole Vibram Mattarone has very good traction on snow and ice thanks to the combination of IceTrek rubber and Artic grip technology. Like all Lundhags boots, Skare has a long life. Simply replace the outsole and repair the boot when necessary. Boot guarantee is included in the purchase.
  • Lundhags' warmest winter boot
  • Perfect for winter hiking or ice fishing, where the combination of wool and Aerogel guarantee a warm and dry foot climate
  • For the hardcore user with highest demands on warmth and function
  • Skare Expedition is equipped with Vibram® Mottarone outsole, with Wet ice grip technology and a 5 mm removable felt inner boot. The insole Jota protects the foot from ground cold with insulating Primaloft Aerogel.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 400 x 300 x 150 mm.


Leather with rubber lower parts

3,226 kg
(with sales package 3,3 kg)

12 month(s)

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Juha M. verified buyer, 1.5.2024
Overall rating
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There is no experience with hard use yet, but without a doubt it will survive exactly what it was designed for (long day trips, wet and also winter conditions). The shoe is very sturdy thanks to the sturdy rubber part, but flexible in the ankle and leg. There is no extra and unnecessary stuffing on the shaft, nor on the shoe And that's a good thing, lightens and dries quickly. It also doesn't absorb water into the structures and increase weight during the day, like e.g. membrane shoes, which I also have it in use. Insulation and comfort are guaranteed by the felt. Many have recommended getting a size bigger than usual. So do I. Just for fall use, a snack is ok. However, the shoe is so sturdy that a small oversize is not a problem, and then you can afford to put on socks properly and The shoe is still comfortable.
Anonymous verified buyer, 15.1.2024
Overall rating
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Very comfortable to wear. Seems very hot.
Dainius S. verified buyer, 14.1.2024
Overall rating
A true winter expedition boot, it is suitable for use in deep snow, wet conditions, on ice, and for marching on the road. These boots are stiffer than you might expect for a winter boot, but they begin to relax as you wear them, and furthermore, their stiffness is a gift when carrying heavier loads. Sizing wise, use the measuring system on the Lundhags' site: measure your foot and add 2cm, and that's how the boot is to be worn. Highly recommended.

Per S. verified buyer, 30.7.2020
Overall rating
Excellent product from Lundhags but it took 2 months to get products from Varuste.So don’t be in hurry
Anonymous verified buyer, 1.2.2020
Overall rating
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Absolutely great winter shoe and completely superior to membrane. Zero weather may be unnecessarily warm, but can be worn with one sock. These are at best at temperatures below -10 degrees, so with two socks, the shoe works best. The size is worth starting to fit 1-2 numbers of normal shoes bigger. At first, the shoes are very stiff and feel stiff, but when used, they shape to fit the feet. Admittedly, they require more kilometers and uses than, for example, Jaure shoes. It is a good idea to always tie the shoes in the same way during the run-in so that their folds are in the right places and wax the leather parts after each use. After the run-in are very good on the foot, and the feet do not get tired even on long journeys. Wet shoes can be dried quickly thanks to the removable felt lining and insole. Acquisition costs are clearly higher than in many other shoes, but yes you get value for money. After all, these also won the winter shoe test of Riista magazine.
Joonas T. verified buyer, 22.4.2022
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I thought I would get some really good loose winter shoes for myself and the expectations were high, but it was also disappointing when this shoe (at the time of purchase approx. € 450) had real problems with insoles and loose lining. The first pair of shoes had too big an insole, which is why it was then in the shoe with waves and in addition to this, the felt lining was on the toe for some reason a bit so that it weighed on the foot and toes. However, the size of the shoes was too small, so I changed them to a bigger one and hoped the insole and lining problems were just the fault of one pair, but with a new pair of the right size, those problems were just starting out: the loose felt lining was on both feet. So the felt lining was like the lining of a shoe of the right size, but the cut was somehow wrong, so that the lining was just a little too big on the top of the foot, so it went into the shoe, pressing on the foot and toes so that it interfered with walking. I tried to get the right size pair of shoes through Lundhags' own customer service and myself through various twists and turns, but the new pair of mountains sent from Lundhags to replace them was similarly defective (too big / rushed) and did not allow the importer to proceed at all. generally handled the complaint well, albeit slowly (which is why I first contacted Lundhags), so I am more disappointed with the quality of Lundhags' products and the evasion of customer service responsibilities in this regard. Lundhags helped out by sending one exchange pair of mountains to try, and when no one was passing, they put their hands up and stated that they could not really help with complaints outside Sweden and Norway but should contact the retailer who sold the shoes. When didn't get a pair of mountains suitable for the shoes, it was stated that I would get the money back and it took about 3 months from the January order to return the April money. All in all, there was a feeling that there have certainly been wider problems with the shoe model when both pairs of shoes had the same type of defect that the lining did not fit the shoe properly. The shoe is still advertised on that loose mountain and the fact that spare mountains can be exchanged for it, for example on a hike, but what good is it if the mountains and / or shoes are so unique and it is so difficult to find compatible mountains and shoes. The feeling left out of this is that Lundhags makes its shoes a little where it hurts and how it hurts, and the quality doesn't match the price. Sure, it may be that those few bad individuals happened to me, but I doubt it a little.
Nickname Ötzl 4.3.2021
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With a travel companion then and likes yes. The base pattern collects snow in an annoyingly tight manner
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