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Guideline Power Strike

Guideline Power Strike

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These leaders are manufactured with medium stiff copolymer mono to make them track well in wind and with any type of fly. They have the same clear grey tint for low visibility. Protective UV resistant, waterproof packaging ensures that the product is of maximum strength when purchased.

These leaders are especially made to be lengthen by adding your desired dimension of tippet to it. These leaders have a long butt and taper section and short tip, this design gives you superior turnover and very delicate presentation of the fly. Just tie on a step down thinner tippet of 1-1,5m and you are good to go. For more flexibility and stronger connection tie on a tippet ring and then the tip. This is especially important when using Fluorocarbon tippet on a mono leader due to diffrent hardness in the materials.

These leaders have a powerful turnover and it is no problem of lengthen the leader so total length is 20ft. If you are fishing with dry flies in river and lakes for spooky fish, these leaders really stands out in the crowd. Long leaders, long tippets and delicate presentations far away from the impact of the fly line on the water is a very good way to get more fish.

Guidelines favourite Dry Fly leader setup:

Power Strike 12ft in 4X + GL Tippet Ring + 50cm 4X (wear & tear section when changing tippet) + 1-2 meter tippet of 4, 5 or 6X. If you are a bit uncomfortable with the length you can skip the mid-section and shorten the tippet use 1-1,5m then. You can also use thicker leader for more powerful turnover for example 3X with 4X mid-section and 4,5 or 6X tippet.

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Anonymous verified buyer, 16.12.2022
Overall rating
Very good tapered leader, the only downside is the missing loops at both ends of the leader.
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